Do you want to eat healthier?

Or how about just make better food choices without breaking the bank?

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Are you tired of eating fast food and wish you could make healthier meals?

But, you're afraid that plant-based diets are to bland or too difficult?

Let us help you make delicious healthy plant-based meals by taking out the complexity and guesswork.

Or better yet, keep you from spending hours trying to figure out what to eat for dinner by providing you with a simple balanced plant-based meal plan

Make better food choices by showing how to make quick, easy, and affordable healthy plant-based meals.

Use the Dope Meal Planner in 4 easy steps:


Select your Meal Plan of the Week

Use the meal plan we provide for the week or swap out the recipes for something else you enjoy.


Generate your Grocery List

Save your grocery list and print it or access it from your mobile device


Shop for your Ingredients

Or use our New Grocery Delivery/Pick-up Feature (Beta)


Make your recipes

Cook your delicious meals and wow yourself & family

Hey! My name is Stephanie and I love food. I’ve been vegan for 8 years and introducing this lifestyle to others is my passion. After years of losing family members to bad health and suffering with my own health issues, I decided that it was time to make a change. I found the vegan lifestyle on a whim and have fallen in love with how it's changed my health and life. I no longer feel bound to hereditary illnesses and I feel like I'm creating a new path for my family. With the Dope Meal Planner I hope to break the chains for others and show them a healthier (and tastier) way of life. Whether you’re just getting started or have been vegan for a while and want to mix things up a bit, there’s something for you here. Being vegan doesn’t have to be boring!

Benefits of the Dope Meal Planner

  • ​Simple Everyday Ingredients -

    Find most, if not all the ingredients in your pantry or at any grocery store.

  • New Weekly Recipes -  
    Brand new flavorful recipes delivered to your Email Inbox every week.  
  • Meal Plan of the Week -
    Curated meal plans from the Dope Meal Planner to help make your plant based grocery shopping even quicker.
  • Quick & Easy Cooking

    Most of the recipes are 35 minutes or less. Just enough time to whip up a meal and enjoy your favorite show before bed.

  • Customizable Grocery List -
    Your grocery list is generated once you choose your meal plan for the week. You can swap meals & serving sizes, and your grocery list will update automatically. It’s also mobile friendly!
  • Grocery Delivery/Pick-Up Integration (Beta) -
    Getting what you need for the week can be tough sometimes, but using grocery delivery or grocery pick-up can help save more time for great meals with the family.
  • Save Money On Groceries -
    Stay on budget with your weekly meal plan and avoid spending more money at the grocery store.   
  • Get Healthy -
    Eat delicious healthy meals that will provide you the nutrients you need to reduce unhealthy toxins in your body. Reap the benefits of living a healthy plant-based lifestyle. 
  • Supportive Community -
    Get the support you need from our Dope Private Facebook Community.

Delicious Plant Based Meals Just One Click Away

Meal Plan of the Week

Don't have time to create your own meal plan? Use our Meal Plan of the Week for quick and easy meal planning. Liked one of our previous meal plans? Just choose a meal plan from a specific date, print or save your grocery list to your phone, and go!

Don't take our word for it ...


Tonight I tried the chickpea wraps recipe and it really did only take about 15 min... and they are super yummy


Everything is yummy (including leftovers!) and I can't wait to try another recipe.  Thank you!

Aisha & Mo

The Easy Peasy Pita Pizza is delicious! It was easy to make and it hit the spot.


Thank you for offering the service! I've already made my dinner meal plan for the week. I love pressing the button after I chose my meal plan and it provided the grocery shopping list. Wow!!! Going shopping tomorrow!

Dr. Jamie

I couldn't have made it cooking at home without recipes from Vegan What's Dope Meal Planner.  It was very helpful!


Got a lot of meal prepping done.  Made the Lemon Blueberry Muffins. They Taste incredible! Don't skip the lemon step- so worth it!

With the Dope Meal Planner, you'll eat better, feel better, save money on groceries, and time in the kitchen.

Let Us Help You Avoid:

  • Spending more money on groceries.
  • Spending more time in the kitchen.
  • Spending more time trying to figure out what to make for dinner.
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    Struggling to find new plant-based recipes. 
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    Spending more money on health care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the recipes have flavor?

Are the recipes difficult to make?

I don’t have time to cook every day. Can I still use your meal plans?

Do I have to meal prep?

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

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Do I have to shop at a fancy store?

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  • Customizable Meal Plan & Grocery List
  • HD Quality DMP Video Tutorials
  • New Recipes Every Week
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    New Weekly Meal Plans
  • Holiday Meal Plans
  • Grocery Delivery/Pick-up  Integration (Beta)
  • Mobile Friendly
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    Hassle Free Weekly Meal Planning
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